To Confirm Your Battery Pack Name / Parts Number / Serial Number
[To Release the Battery Pack]
* The following illustration uses the VAIO model - VGP-BPS3A & VGP-BPS2B, as an example.
  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Slide the battery lock switch to the RELEASE position on both sides. One side might be held in this position manually.
    Please note that some VAIO models have UNLOCK position instead of RELEASE position.
  3. Slide the battery pack away from the computer.
Slide a battery pack away from the computer
[To Check the Battery Pack Name]
The battery pack name is printed on its back.
Battery pack of VGP-BPS3A
Battery pack of VGP-BPS2B
[To Check the Parts Number / Serial Number]
Check the bar code label on the battery pack for
  1. Parts Number : 9-digit Number.
  2. Serial Number : 7-digit Number
VGP-BPS3A Label location
VGP-BPS2B Label location