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To Confirm Your Battery Pack Name / Parts Number / Serial Number
[To Release the Battery Pack]
* The following illustration uses the VAIO model - VGP-BPS26, as an example.
  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. The battery of the lock lever is shifted to the opposite side of the LOCK.
  3. While shifting the release lever to RELEASE the opposite side, lift lightly over the finger in the direction of the arrow on the battery.
  4. Removing Pull the battery at an angle on the direction.
Slide a battery pack away from the computer
[To Check the Battery Pack Name]
The battery pack name is printed on its back.
Battery pack of VGP-BPS26
[To Check the Parts Number / Serial Number]
Check the bar code label on the battery pack for
  1. Parts Number : 9-digit Number.
  2. Serial Number : 7-digit Number
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